5 Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

Car on roadWith winter fast approaching, now is the time to prepare your car for the colder weather. It’s important to ‘winterize’ your car to avoid any unnecessary accidents thatĀ could result in injury or a hefty insurance claim. At Texas Insurance Experts, we’ve compiled 5 tips for getting your car winter ready.

Check the Battery

Cold weather can be harsh to car batteries, so have a professional check it to ensure it’s working to its highest ability. The last thing you want is for your battery to cut out on a cold night, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Are Your Tires Safe?

Tire safety is highly important in cars, especially in the winter months. Make sure that your tires’ tread is of the legal limit and will get you through the winter. You must also check the tire pressure throughout the winter months as low pressure means that your car may struggle to drive in snowy conditions. If the winter ahead is set to be a bad one, consider investing in tire covers designed to grip wet and icy roads.

Get Your Car in for a Tune Up

Now is the time to have your car checked out by a professional. Having issues resolved before it’s too late means that your car will work to the best of its ability during the winter. Your exhaust, oil and heating should all be working to a high standard.

Check the Exterior

In order for your vehicle to be safe on the roads during winter, your exterior lights and brakes should be working perfectly. These are important during winter.

Find out More Ahead of Time

To avoid any complicationsĀ during the winter months when it comes to your car, consider speaking to us to find out more. Contact us at (972)-432-4727.

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