Auto Insurance McKinney TXGot a Teen Driver? Follow These 3 Money Saving Tips on Auto Insurance in McKinney TX

While your 15-year-old is calling his friends to tell them about their learner’s permit, you should be calling your insurance agent about auto insurance in McKinney, TX.  And when you make that call, brace yourself, because your insurance will increase substantially when you add a teenager to your policy or you buy a new policy for a teen driver.

Expert Advice for Purchasing Teen Auto Insurance in McKinney TX

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), teen drivers have crash rates 3 times that of drivers 20 years and older per mile driven.  They speed, drink and drive and their lack of experience can lead to an inability to handle road hazards – so it makes sense that buying auto insurance in McKinney, TX for a teen driver is more expensive.  But just because you understand the reason your insurance is going up with a teen behind the wheel, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to pay the highest rate possible.  Here are some tips for insuring your teen driver for less money:

▸ Don’t Buy A Ferrari

Maybe you won’t buy him or her a sweet, European sports car; but if you do decide to buy your teen their own new or, preferably, used vehicle, make sure it’s one that has a good safety rating.  Start with the IIHS’s website, which lists insurance losses by make and model for cars built before 2015.  Cars with lower insurance losses are typically cheaper to insure and they’ll likely keep your teen more protected in case of a crash.  The IIHS website also lists safety ratings and top safety picks for all model years.  If you give your child one of your family vehicles to drive, make sure it’s the one that’s cheapest to insure.  Though a boring sedan may not be their idea of a “hot” vehicle, it may discourage fast or reckless driving more than a sports car or muscle car would.

▸ Ask About Discounts

Most insurance companies offer some kind of discount for teen drivers.  If your teen maintains at least a B average in school, you may be eligible for discounts as high as 25% per year for insuring your teen.  Additionally, you may pay less if your teen completes a driver’s education course.  If your teen is headed off to college, will live more than 100 miles from home and won’t own or drive a vehicle while they are away at school, you can get a discounted rate to keep him or her on your policy.  Provided they only drive a car when at home for school vacations this money saving tip makes auto insurance in McKinney TX much more affordable.

▸ Monitor Your Teen

The best thing your teen can do to keep your auto insurance as low as possible is to keep a clean driving record.  To help them do that, use the technology that’s available to help both of you identify what they are doing wrong behind the wheel.  There are several different types of monitoring systems that you can install on your child’s vehicle that can track and report things like seat belt use, speeding and hard cornering.  Depending on the system, your child can get verbal feedback when he or she does something wrong or a camera can send video footage to your computer.  There are even systems that block cell phone calls and text messaging in vehicles.  Though they’re not cheap, these systems will encourage discussions between you and your child about safe, responsible driving.

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