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  • Motorcycle Insurance McKinney, TX

Motorcycle Insurance in McKinney: What Coverage Do I Need?

For many, riding a motorcycle is a hobby. However, when it comes to insurance, it’s a hobby that must be taken very seriously. Not only does the correct motorcycle insurance provide you with peace of mind that if anything was to go wrong, your motorcycle would be covered, it’s also important to have because it provides coverage to replace or repair your motorcycle if it is damaged or stolen. Also, your insurance will cover you for uninsured motorist coverage if someone who is uninsured causes a collision as well as the coverage of medical costs associated with an accident. If you Read more
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  • Insurance in Craig Ranch

Moving to the Craig Ranch Area? Consider These Insurance Policies

Moving home is a time when many people consider insurance. It may be due to the huge lifestyle change or they may be concerned that their existing policy will be void in their new residence. If you’re considering moving to the Craig Ranch Area or in fact already live here, why not think about protecting you and your loved ones with all-important insurance? There are a number of insurance policies that we at Texas Insurance Experts can offer you, so let’s take a look. Homeowners Insurance Every homeowner should think about getting homeowners insurance. Your home is one of your Read more
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  • Auto Insurance

Your Teen’s Good Grades can Lead to Better Rates

For many teenagers, it’s a right of passage when they pass their driver’s test and finally get their full license. However, as a parent, not only will you be worrying about your teenager out on the open roads, but the insurance costs can also turn your hair grey. Worry not, there is one trick that can bring the price of a young driver’s insurance down: better grades. The cost of auto insurance for a new driver (especially a young driver) can be incredibly high, considerably more than that of an older or more experienced driver. However, if better grades can Read more
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  • Insure the things you love

New Year’s Resolution: Protect The Things You Love With Insurance

What’s the point on filling your home with lovely furniture, textiles and furnishings and not have it all insured? Bottom line is, there’s not much point at all. Regardless of whether you live in a bought or rented property, you should still consider insuring your home and its contents. At James Flynn, we’ve put together a guide on insuring the items you love. Homeowners Insurance If you own the home you live in, unit or apartment, no doubt you’ve put a lot of effort into making it look and feel the way you want. With this in mind, you’ll want Read more