Auto Insurance For many teenagers, it’s a right of passage when they pass their driver’s test and finally get their full license. However, as a parent, not only will you be worrying about your teenager out on the open roads, but the insurance costs can also turn your hair grey. Worry not, there is one trick that can bring the price of a young driver’s insurance down: better grades.

The cost of auto insurance for a new driver (especially a young driver) can be incredibly high, considerably more than that of an older or more experienced driver. However, if better grades can help bring the cost of insurance down, maybe now is the time to start negotiating with your teenager.

Why Do Better Grades Lower Insurance?

While it may seem like a slightly old-fashioned thought process, insurers believe that those with good grades tend to be more responsible and perform better in other aspects of life. Therefore, insurance companies are willing to bring the cost of insurance down for these individuals.

Usually, a good student can provide you with savings of up to 15% on your insurance premiums. To get this type of discount, the student must be typically hitting a 3.0 GPA, or a solid B average. In some special cases, larger discounts will be offered to students with particularly high GPAs. The limitations and level of discount offered will vary from company to company, but most insurers will continue to offer good student discounts to any full-time student who maintains good grades, even up to the age of 25.

Get Insured with Texas Insurance Experts

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