Thanksgiving Greetings

As people gather together throughout Texas to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we at James Flynn Insurance Agency want to relay our own greeting at this special time. Being thankful is an attitude not reserved for one day a year. Although we celebrate it on the fourth Thursday of November, people who greet each day with a feeling of gratitude for the life we are privileged to live are truly happier in their daily outlook. When people express gratitude, they are acknowledging that they have received help in managing their affairs and appreciate others for that assistance. Whether it is help from their faith or help from others, expressing thankfulness is an indication that these people have humility, integrity and a solid foundation.

In our own way, we at James Flynn Insurance agency hope to add to that feeling of confidence and contentment by protecting the people and things that matter most to people. Protecting people from the uncertainty of life is our mission. Homeowners Insurance gives families the assurance they need to gather together and celebrate the holidays knowing that the home they live in is protected. Life insurance, auto insurance, renters insurance, business insurance and specialty insurance are all designed to give people customized levels of protection.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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